The coast of Camariñas is a real geomorphological treasure, with a great variety of rare rocky formations eroded by the salty wind. Wind and water carved shapes with names as suggestive as “Hell’s cave”,“Bear rock”, “Reira lovers”, “Reira Nativity”, “Virgin of Arou” or “Petón’s dinosaur”, just to name a few. Erosion has also created a […]

Much of the northern coast of the Camariñas municipality is included in the Natura 2000 Network. It is officially recognized as a Site of Community Interest (SCI Costa da Morte) and a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). Cape Vilán, specifically the islet known as Vilán de Fóra, is a nesting place for species such […]

From the Trece and Pedrosa scenic viewpoints you have a fabulous view of the rugged coast of Camariñas and the Atlantic Ocean. To get to the Pedrosa viewpoint, you must go from downtown Camariñas along the road leading to Cape Vilán and then turn right along the road between the windmills. To get to the […]

Trece This was the beach were the only 3 survivors of the Costa da Morte most infamous shipwreck, the HMS Serpent (1890) were swept to. It has a length of a bit over 1,250 m, golden sands and the typical pebbles of the Camariñas coast. It has strong surf and wind. Area Grande, Area Longa […]