bolosThe coast of Camariñas is a real geomorphological treasure, with a great variety of rare rocky formations eroded by the salty wind.

Wind and water carved shapes with names as suggestive as “Hell’s cave”,“Bear rock”, “Reira lovers”, “Reira Nativity”, “Virgin of Arou” or “Petón’s dinosaur”, just to name a few. Erosion has also created a coastline of sandy beaches such as Area Longa, Balea and Reira, Santa Mariña, Arou, Camelle, Trece, and dunes such as the those of Monte Branco, the highest climbing dune in Galicia.

The anthropomorphic figures are large rocks reminiscent of humans or animals. The interpretation, of course, varies with the viewer and the point of view. What do you see?

You can walk along Camariñas “Geomorphological route” to get to know everything about these treasures of nature. It is a straight, signposted, 39.6 km route. It begins in the rest area outside Dor (Camariñas) and finishes in Camelle, at the rock known as “The Hand of God.”