omartodoThe people of Camariñas are like its sea. Feisty, loving, with hands made from the foam of the waves that lift the nets to bring us silver skinned treasures or to weave delicate pieces from threads that are rhythmically intertwined with its name: Camariñas lace.

Their strong and sweet heart, is like the “caramiña” (crowberry) bushes that grow here protected by the Monte Branco dune while dancing with our wind and dressing up with its golden sand. Opposite, the Vilán lighthouse. Regio, looks at us impassively confronting the endless sea that dozens of brave people  challenge day after day trying to master it.

The Atlantic, the fog, rain, storms have left us an acute, deep regret for lives lost. But we must also thank it for creating the beauty that surrounds us and that we want to share with the passion that we people from Camariñas have for our land and sea.

The project “Vilán Cape, Tourist Interest Site Revitalisation Plan Camariñas, the whole sea” is an initiative aimed at developing a tourism product linked to the sea, to the revitalization of the village and the tourism sector to offer a better service and create a more attractive and cohesive destination. It is promoted by the  Town Council of Camariñas and EU-funded through GAC3-Costa da Morte Coastal Action Group.