The Lace Making Museum, created in November 1996, is a unique testimony of the cultural survival of popular arts and crafts and represents an almost unaltered tradition. It aims to recover, preserve and disseminate, Camariñas’ historical memory through a permanent exhibition.

The upper floor houses the permanent collection, consisting of lace designs and pieces and the tools and equipment used to create them.

They teach as well the “picado”, a local technique that consists of transferring a design from a lace to a piece of cardboard, that will itself be used several times.

The Mostra de Encaixe de Camariñas, recognised as a Festival of Tourist Interest, is an international fair that is held every Easter having as a honourable president the former Spanish queen Sofía.

This annual event features fashion shows with clothing for men and women embellished with lace and, of course, exhibitions of the work of local, national and international lacemakers. The lacemakers of Camariñas still preserve the traditional techniques and designs that admire those who are mesmerized by them while listening to the bobbins clacking against the coira.

Along the promenade you will find several shops selling this ancient craft and live exhibitions of the work of the lacemakers. You can also buy lace online through the website.