You are in Camelle, one Camariñas’ parishes. This is a unique open-air museum created by German artist Manfred Gnädinger, more commonly known as “Man, the German of Camelle”, who came to this village in the 1960s. Here, he created his Eden of fantasy and solitude, the place that gave him the inner peace he needed to create his works.

He asked visitors to make a drawing on one of his pads, as a means of relating to them, because, as he used to say “each paper carries each person’s soul, and my goal is to make a big skyscraper with all of them”.

The sinking of the Prestige stained all his work—his children, as he called them—black. He could not bear it and died on December 28, 2002.

His work and legacy were moved to the museum named after him, located in Peirao street, soon to open its doors as a top exhibition centre. In the meantime it can be visited during office hours or by booking in advance on (+34) 981 710 224. You can also visit website.

Whether in the morning or in the afternoon, you can see Camelle’s palilleiras at work in the multipurpose room of the Museo de Man. Enter freely and be mesmerized watching how they work without even looking at their intricate work.