Sardinas_654x414pxSt. John´s eve in Camariñas is magical, just as in the whole of Galicia. Some days prior to the night of June 23, people start collecting materials to make the bonfires that will be burning all through the night to chase the witches and the evil away. Wild flowers, springs, cattails and roses are hung over the houses’ front doors to protect them from evil. These same herbs are placed in a bucket with water, which is left outdoors during the night. The water is then used in a purification ablution ritual in the morning of June the 24.

Typical dishes eaten during that night, up until the time of jumping over bonfires, are sardines with potatoes and wheat or corn bread.

The feast of St. John has pagan origins associated with the summer solstice celebrations. The aim of the ritual of lighting the bonfires was to strengthen the sun”, that from this day, becomes “weaker”.