The place where this church stands today was home to the twice-rebuilt Benedictine monastery –the black monks– of Santa Mariña de Tosto. It is considered to be one of the earliest centres of Christianity. Its particular location might be related to the christianization of a pagan cult of nature or fertility, since Santa Mariña was […]

The trench of the wolves in Camariñas is a traditional construction (16th century) formerly used as a wolf trap. It is the only one in A Coruña. Located where the Reira beaches are, it uses the coastline as a natural barrier. The other traps in Galicia are in the mountains of Lugo and Ourense. This […]

The mámoa is a tumulus, an artificial accumulation of soil and stones raised over a burial site and sometimes containing a dolmen. This type of funerary monument was typical of the period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. The Reira tumulus is located in front of the beach of the same name and it […]