The trench of the wolves in Camariñas is a traditional construction (16th century) formerly used as a wolf trap. It is the only one in A Coruña. Located where the Reira beaches are, it uses the coastline as a natural barrier. The other traps in Galicia are in the mountains of Lugo and Ourense.

This is a V-shaped walled trench, in whose vortex there is a 2-m-deep hole where the animal fell into.


How was the hunting done?

  • Meeting. Before springtime, fires were made in the hills and the columns of smoke going up signalled the start of the hunt.
  • Hunt. Everybody had to take part, except during Easter and Christmas. They combed the hills in groups while hitting the undergrowth with sticks. Others would make noises by banging pieces of junk.
  • Trench of the wolves The wolf was scared into the trench, and a chain of people holding each other’s hands would block the animal’s way back. The trench was covered with bush and scrub so it would fall into the trap. The wolf was killed off by stoning.
  • Celebration. Two men carried the wolf on their shoulders, by passing a stick through the animal’s legs after these were tied together. In procession, they walked around. This practice ended with the advent of firearms.
  • Present. Place names like Monte da Vela and Cova dos Lobos are a reflection of this past.