patrimonio_02_igrexaThe place where this church stands today was home to the twice-rebuilt Benedictine monastery –the black monks– of Santa Mariña de Tosto. It is considered to be one of the earliest centres of Christianity. Its particular location might be related to the christianization of a pagan cult of nature or fertility, since Santa Mariña was a legendary Martyr of Antioch symbolizing the worship of waters and protecting the growth of crops.

The coastal views from here are spectacular and you can even spot the Cape Roncudo, in the municipality of Ponteceso.

This place is behind the Monte Branco, and from here it is possible to follow the way to the Trece beach (if you are not already coming from there) to admire such a beautiful place and northern Spain’s largest climbing dune (150 m).

The panoramic view of the dune from above is awesome. The sand looks like gold!

But remember, do not get too close or get down to the beach through here because it is a protected landscape included in the Natura 2000 Network!